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In the company of this "chef-writer-traveller", we take to the road [...] to better indulge, like Nicolas Bouvier, in a certain use of the world...


Une Table dans le Maquis invites us on a road trip under the aegis of wine, culinary beauty and encounters.


Une Table dans le Maquis rubs shoulders with the complexity of a place, its aesthetics, its music, its mystic and its [...] taste for an experience closer to the region and the traveler. A gourmet and contemplative odyssey.


In an age when we would have become citizens connected to the world but disconnected from our roots, Une Table dans le Maquis offers man the opportunity to reconnect with his landscape - and through it, his very inner world.


Une Table dans le Maquis invites you to discover a country, a region, while eating good food every day in the company of winegrowers, producers, chefs, artisans who have their feet firmly planted in their land.


Rencontre autour de la sortie du livre "Notes en cuisine, carnet kaseiki", aux éditions des Ateliers d'Argol.

The chef's explanations express both cooking and social, economic and historical realities: gastronomy comes as a decoder of the world.

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