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At the origin of the Maquis, there is childhood and huts in the woods. A desire to break new ground, to consider the endless perspectives of the surroundings, and to see in each plot a possibility of escape. A tangle of universes, which inevitably solicits curiosity and the desire to open new doors , and meet those who inhabit them. By bike, on foot. Then there was the urge to do like Tintin. To definitively complete this childhood dream, and become a reporter. And go to Siberia. Michel Strogoff, the translucent fairyland of Lake Baikal, and the Tatar memories: so many variegated paths that drew and enriched what would become A Table in the Maquis . Finally, to learn from others , and complete this need to make the meeting a way to discover and enrich your own world. Cuisine and its transfer of konwledges allow it beautifully.


We have reaped the fruits of these life experiences, of this unique expertise gleaned over time, to transmit it to you . That of the reporter - exploration, decryption, meeting , combined with that of the head chef - the relationship with the environment, the importance of know-how, the confidence of craftsmen . Transparency, endless research, and the permanent need to fertilize our knowledges: this is our DNA, serving your appetites!


If Une Table dans le Maquis started from a child's hut, today we intend to continue with you, this fresh vision of the world!


epicurean, chef & CEO Une Table dans le Maquis

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