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Une Table dans le Maquis relies on our specialised knowledge to offer an unlimited choice of sites: South of France. Our knowledge of the sites has been perfected with time, through the professional world of cooking and our personal passion. We are fully independent, working outside large-scale tourism franchises. The farmers, restaurant owners and producers we work with are above all people whom we know well, who are passionate, and with whom we are eager to share.

The Provence region and Corsica boast an exceptional heritage and beautiful wilderness, encased between sea and mountain, forged with wind and time, and provide an infinite field of exploration. Through their wealth, they will instil the sense of peregrination, far away from the daily bustle. At every turn, they offer the possibility of being surprised, of renewed astonishment. Une Table dans le Maquis wants to add the pleasure of eating to your travel experience, based on a similar model of authenticity, sharing and happiness. He lays his Table in a site that nature tells him would be a nice place to spend some time, without signposting or advertisements. From the grain to the plate. From the sea to the Mountain. Une Table dans le Maquis lets time follow its course, for a unique and customised experience.


Living a place is our creed. Escape, discover the soul of a place, where the human remains at the heart of the matter. In the street next door as at the other end of the world, the appetite for discovery authorizes travel. Whether it is going to meet Ligurian fishermen, or a craftsman of ancient instruments in Balagne (Upper Corsica), we invite you to meet the Locals in their own cosy homes to share dinner and great conversation together. Une Table dans le Maquis is the assurance of forging strong links with the landscape that you are about to live.


A Table in the Maquis is the promise of a unique, personalized, independent and qualitative experience. Luxury, in our opinion, lies in the degree of optimization of a service and, above all, in the very quality of the meetings, the routes, the craftsmen encountered. We create itineraries from our personal knowledge of the terrain and develop proven networks, in perfect harmony with the principles of local tourism, aiming to support local talent without disturbing cultures and the environment. Wherever you are, you will be guaranteed to have rare stays, with local service providers that we know personally, in whom we trust, and who trust us.

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