"Like a continent, its different regions corresponding to different countries."

Dorothy Carrington, in her classic "Granite Island"


Balagne and its hilltop villages. Cap Corse and its Genoese bridges. Nebbiu valley and its exceptional products. Agriates desert and its paradisiacal beaches. Castagniccia and its mountain gastronomy. The green forests of Aïtone and its refreshing natural basins. Corte and its spectacular gorges & hiking departures. Bastia the immortal Genoese city. Saint Florent and its gulf surrounded by turquoise waters... Upper Corsica is a land of adventures and exceptional discoveries, with a strong identity and heritage, as varied as its landscapes. Discover it through personalized tours and my networks of craftsmen!

Discover Upper Corsica in an exceptional and expandable circuit, which mixes wild excursions, discoveries of paradisiac creeks, ghost villages lost in a dense and almost supernatural vegetation. Remnants of pagan civilizations stand side by side with remote monasteries. Your odyssey also brings you to meet artisans who, through their knowledge, testify to the living of these lands out of time. The sea sweeps you at the end of the world, and the paths of Upper Corsica will bring you far. Where the stone becomes colossus. Where the elements intersect in a baroque and fantastic struggle.

Sleep in a cave at the edge of a wild coast, or in a Genoese tower, watching the horizon and the sun. Get lost in the forest trails, peppered with Genoese bridges and natural basins. Concerts or open-air theater, perched villages and vertiginous creeks. Inland, the Monte Cinto rises to 2706m. Desert, a string of Genoese towers, natural essences, chestnut trees. Kitchen garden-Restaurants lost into the wild, sheepfolds and Corsican songs. In a small area, Upper Corsica offers as many different landscapes as a continent.