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« Imagine a world still in chaos, a storm of mountains divided by narrow ravines through which torrents flow: not a plain, but huge waves of granite and undulating earth, covered in shrubs or forests of high chestnut and pine trees […]. I wandered on this magnificent island, feeling that I had reached the end of the world. »


Guy de Maupassant, Happiness, Tales of the day and of the night.

The Corsican terrain features everything: valleys, massifs, and creeks. The island’s metamorphosis is unending. In just a few minutes, the visitor goes from a steep cliff disappearing into the waves to giant mountains. From the permanent snow of Monte Cinto, to the ruby-coloured stone worn down by time and salt. These interlacing geological and botanical features provide the island with exceptional diversity, which can interpreted through gastronomy, with various terroirs separated by only a few beats of a bird’s wings. Wines, olives, cheese, honey, chestnut produce...

The fortress villages from the Bronze Age to Bastia’s medieval beauty. The Genovese towers, guardians of a wild and unspoilt coast, or the rock cathedrals that seem to be torn from the landscape. Corsica is a lord reigning over the Mediterranean, a place to rest body and soul.

"Like a continent, its different regions corresponding to different countries."

Dorothy Carrington, in her classic "Granite Island"


Balagne and its hilltop villages. Cap Corse and its Genoese bridges. Nebbiu valley and its exceptional products. Agriates desert and its paradisiacal beaches. Castagniccia and its mountain gastronomy. The green forests of Aïtone and its refreshing natural basins. Corte and its spectacular gorges & hiking departures. Bastia the immortal Genoese city. Saint Florent and its gulf surrounded by turquoise waters... Upper Corsica is a land of adventures and exceptional discoveries, with a strong identity and heritage, as varied as its landscapes. Discover it through personalized tours and my networks of craftsmen!


With its extraordinary beaches and stunning landscapes, southern Corsica is a microcosm of what paradize could be. Between Ajaccio and Bonifaccio, the maquis seems to reign supreme. While some points are the epicentres for summer retreats, south is actually much more virgin than it is laid out. It has plenty of coastal paths and customs trails where rocks, cliffs, dunes, shores and white sandy beaches are all part of the glorious scenery. Southern Corsica is marked with mystery, where the onlookers can admire the colours of the undulating water, or stop on fine-sand beaches where slender birds and brightly coloured vegetation coexist. He will discover not only a land of untouched coves, but very old forests as well, where the pine Laricio is hitting directly in full force by the wind. He will discover havens of peace, formed by time. And ancient civilizations, such as the Torroan culture, which left very preserved megalithic sites, dating from the Neolithic, as in Filitosa, Palaghju, or deep into the forest in Cucuruzzu. This Corsica, at the gates of the imperial city of Ajaccio, refers to an ancient times, reminiscent of the syncretic character of this island open to the Mediterranean, colonized many times, and strong with a living identity and multiple faces.

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